By signing the petition below, you can let California's governor and attorney general know that the nation will not stand by while San Diego's district attorney uses federal resources to subvert the state's medical marijuana guidelines.



Below is the full text we will submit to California's governor and attorney general:

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Brown:

We cannot accept the ongoing harassment and arrests of medical marijuana patients in San Diego, particularly the unnecessary use of SWAT-style tactics that waste state resources, scare patients and endanger neighbors. San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is either unable or unwilling to enforce in good faith the State Attorney General’s Medical Marijuana Guidelines – and San Diegans are paying the price. 

We urge you to direct District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to enforce California’s medical marijuana laws according to the Attorney General’s guidelines and with the safest law enforcement tactics possible. 

On September 9th, multi-agency drug taskforces arrested over 30 medical marijuana patients during 14 raids throughout San Diego. The District Attorney has admitted that none of them are alleged to have provided medical marijuana to anyone other than a valid patient. The complaint, rather, is about alleged accounting misconduct. That is no reason for raids. 

If the District Attorney has legitimate concerns about how dispensaries are operating, she should not rely on raids but on civil procedures. There is no call for bringing in the DEA, arresting people in wheelchairs, scaring the hell out of patients, and shutting off medical marijuana access for very sick people.